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          Welcome to browse the WUXI DPOWER ELECTRONIC CO LTD the official website! Hotline:(86-510)83138966    中文版 中文版

          Wuxi D-Power Electronic Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is located on the coast of the beautiful Lake Taihu, about 1km away from the north exit of Wuxi expressway. It is about 100km from Shanghai and 30km away from Suzhou. The location brings advantages in acquiring the latest market and technology information as well as providing convenient and fast transportation. We are a company committed to providing products like the high-end lithium battery charger and switching power supply. We design and manufacture products according to customers’ specific requirements and international/local standards. The products can be used in lithium electric vehicles, bicycles, UAVs(drones), electrical tools, scooters, AGV, and other fields. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer First", with excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect pre-sales, and after-sales service, and has won the support and trust of many customers at home and abroad. In order to meet the current increasingly fierce market competition and high-speed development of high-tech, the company's series of products have obtained FCC.GS.UL.CE, KC.PSE.RCM.BSMI.ROHS and other domestic and foreign safety certifications. At the same time, D-Power has obtained the GB / T19001-2016 quality system certification. Through years of hard work, D-Power has a good cooperative relationship with many first-class customers at home and abroad, and will continue to adhere to the target of "Quality to build the brand, Integrity to win customers" and the principle of "Work together and grow together". We welcome friends from all over the world to visit D-Power, communicate on business. Together we can create a better future!

          Our strengths

          Technology - D-Power relies on technology competency and agility. It has an experienced research and development team specialized in designing the charger and switching power supply. With the R&D team, D-Power can provide a quick response to market needs and launch all kinds of high-performance, high-reliability products for customers. D-Power helps customers to better capture the market share and become the leader in the industry.

          Quality - Quality is the foundation of D-Power’s competency. For a long time, D-Power has continuously improved the quality inspection system, introduced advanced testing equipment to carry out incoming material inspection, process control inspection, product final inspection, etc., and strictly controlled each stage and gate to ensure product quality and reliability. D-Power aims at providing customers high-quality products at a competitive price.

          Service – D-Power adheres to the service tenet of "Customer First", and is committed to ensuring delivering trouble-free, high-end, and excellent products to customers. We will provide a punctual and high-quality delivery service for each of the orders. D-Power’s experienced service and R&D team promise to provide quick responses to all questions within 24 hours. Satisfying customer needs is the starting point and ultimate goal of D-Power.

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